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Tyrant's Realm is a short souls like action game with a retro 3d aesthetic.

Tyrant's Realm includes melee combat, collecting weapons and armor and some exploration as well.

You can customize your character by equipping different armor sets in helmet, chest and leg slots. You can switch between two primary weapons.

The game has about 15-20 minutes of gameplay with two full stages and a final boss stage.

The game has support for keyboard and mouse but use of controller is highly recommended.


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Can you fix something about the boss?? its not fair that he attacks anytime i try to attack him ;-;



I like it, verry Dark Souls Style and simple controls


This is a masterpiece on so many different levels!! The visuals and audio are beautiful, the controls work perfectly with the game (and the fact they can be a little clunky actually works with the theme), and the difficulty is as brutal as I was hoping for!

(This is the first game on the video)


Damn dude, it was perfect. So sad, that it's so short. I want to play it forever! Good job!

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Amazing game! I love that style! Unfortunately my laptop is too lowspec for it :(

Maybe you can optimize it? Pretty please!

Are you unable to run  the game or are you having low fps?

What is your system information? Can you provide info like how much RAM do you have or what kind of graphics card you're using?

If you're not sure, on windows press Windows button + R and type "dxdiag" and hit enter. This will show the information.

If you have an integrated graphics like Intel hd graphics or something, then there is not much that any optimization will help with.


I've got low fps. Here's system information: Intel Core i3-6006U CPU @ 2.00GHz (4 CPUs) ~ 2.0GHz, DirectX 12. I've got 4096 MB RAM

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Oh wait, I've got Intel hd graphics

Yeah, that sounds about right. Sounds like the graphics card is the bottleneck in this case. I'm sorry that you can't play the game properly but there isn't much that we can do to optimize the game further.


Se una volta completato esce un porting per psx saro la perona più felice della terra

This is so much fun! I see now why people say Dark Souls is so hard. I got up to the 3rd floor and got pummeled! For a 30 minute game, it's a lot of fun. Are you planning to make a full release?

Also, mouse and controller sensitivity are too high, maybe make it adjustable?


This was really fun to play i love dark souls and retro games so it's really cool to see that you combined both for this game if this was released for original playstation or n64 i would have definitely bought this so great job! also i made a video so i hope you enjoy it!


I can compare it to demon souls. Looks and plays great. There is an issue about camera. The camera shouldn't block by small elements like lamps on the wall. Great job! 


Really great aesthetic, I love how the game looks and sounds. However, one major gripe I have is with the lock-on camera. While I do appreciate the cinematic angle it has, I think it's more form over function and that it makes moving while attacking a bit more difficult in a negative way. Maybe the cinematic camera mode could be set to a different button and the lock-on could be directly behind the player like in Dark Souls? Other than this, the game looks like it could be something really great.


Best game I've played in a long while
I really look forward to more

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Amazing game! If you can acept a suggestion, please consider to make a sensivity regulator, on mouse the camera is too fast, and Please, make a Linux version!!!! If you do, i can help you into test if you want!!!


Very Nice! I played on the keyboard and it wasn't as fluent as playing it on gamepad. The movement and action is really good and the scenery had my attention as well but the texture on the boss didn't show up so i was fighting an invisible character. Great game


Keyboard controls were a lil clunky (can see why you'd recommend controller), but this was an awesome demo! I don't know if you guys are planning a longer version, but I'd love to see one!


I was told that there was 20 min of game play, i played over 40 min. Time flew by as i played and i enjoyed the game more than i thought i would have. Cant wait for the full version!

I made a video of me playing this game, will certainly be playing more when more content is added.


Awesome vertical slice guys! Love the aesthetic, could totally see myself buying and playing a full game version of this for sure!
Found two issues; rolling frequently just wouldn't work, specifically in the boss fight, and when I died in the boss and ran back in to try again the boss' mesh didn't appear and he couldn't hurt me even though I could hear him attacking and kill him myself.

Great job though people!

Hello! The bug with the boss disappearing should be fixed in the v1.1 build. And to roll, you need stamina, and if your stamina is depleted you can't roll. Hope this helps!